About Things I’m Currently Passionate About

Since I can’t recall when (maybe 2012), I have been passionate about things made out of natural and organic matter. Let me elaborate.

Initially, I was never really fond of specific things organic. Organic such as leather and woods to be more specific. It all started back in 2012 when I sort of made-purchased my leather shoes. I fell in love immediately after that. From footwear, the lust crept in to belt, wallet, and other accessories. Bought another leather boots 6 months after that and another one in within 6 months.

Lately, I was really into leather craft. Yes, I am learning to make leather crafts using the traditional tools that have been used for decades. Some of the things I crafted can be seen in my Instagram account.

And then, other than leather, wooden goods kind of roped me in, too. I recently bought a sunglasses made out of rosewood which is very nicely crafted by the great people of Yogyakarta.

Onto the most recent ones that drove me to write this post. Field Notes.

What is Field Notes?

If you’ve heard of Moleskine, welcome to the general hipster world. Now, Field Notes is more hipster than Moleskine. You can read all about it in their website.

So yeah, I placed my Field Notes Annual COLORS SUBSCRIPTION. And Field Notes Shelterwood Edition made me do this. Its cover is made out of cherry wood which was a love at first sight for me. The price is also quite reasonable for a very wellcrafted good like that. I’m really really eager to get the package which is still on its way to Bandung as I type this. For the time being, all I can do is sit tight, read some of the seasoned reviews on the web such as these below.






Last link, as I was scouring the reviews above, I came across this beautiful chair which is deemed to be the best and classic chair of all time. Swag.



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