The post is kind of a tribute from me to Steve Jobs. I try to spill things out just as I came across of it. Here it is.


My first encounter with Apple product was in around 2004. My brother and I bought an iPod video with 30GB capacity after seeing a friend’s iPod. My first impression holding it was like holding my first Playstation – a superb game console. The iPod mesmerized both of us. Interacting using a scrolling wheel was a joy. At that time, video player devices were not common. Very few mobile phones had that feature, therefore having a video player device as iPod video was a stunning experience. We put many magic videos in it, video clips, and music of course. We would share using it after school; we would admire it almost every time we were using it. I still remember the cool UI of iTunes, compared to WinAmp and Jukebox back then.


Many new kinds of iPod came along, but we never bought any of them. We felt that our iPod video was already a top product that we had bought, so it would still survive the revolution. That is also one of the traits of Apple Product. They evolve, they change, but sometimes the changes were subtle. iPod video to iPod classic is an example. We could still carry our iPod without feeling left out.

Second encounter after iPod video was when I bought my one and only Macbook Black in 2008. It was the last of its kind prior to the all new unibody Macs. Facts: I bought Mac, thanks to @abumarlo. He “encouraged” me to buy it by giving a damn hot demo of MacOSX. One of the best decisions/investments in my life.

I wrote my thesis in it, I write programmes and applications using it, I did my assignments, watch movies, serials, listen to music using my Mac. I created many beautiful slidepacks using Keynote – the best there is. I presented my thesis using my Mac, presented at many exhibitions, created my resume using it.


You can understand, the moment you come across an Apple product, that something is really different about them. The feel, the experience, the details. Everything. Until now, I have always influence people to use Apple product. Even only to touch them to get the feel. I am kind of an evangelist. But I want to let other know what I experienced. Maybe I would have been like this if I had been there using Apple II, at its time..


Then iPhone and iPad came. Maybe I will write about them, maybe I won’t. I am now writing about Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs to me was, IS,  my only role model. Some friends mentioned about this, that I was too obsessed with him, but I digress. The moment I watched Steve Jobs presentation in iPhone launch back in 2007, I was starstruck.

I started to read things about him, watch his videos in youtube, articles, quotes, his fashion, almost anything. They were all so fascinating. The more I look, the more it got interesting. His marketing strategy, his vision, his stubbornness, his quotes, his presentations. Yes. His presentations were, I don’t know what word to put, brilliant.

I started looking of what made his presentations looked amazing. His style. His slides. His pronunciation. His moving his arms. Anything. I read presentationzen, I explored slideshare, and many other things.

I copied -copy- his style, I delivered many of my presentations just like he did. I copied his slide style. Here’s one of examples.

Screen Shot 2011 10 10 at 10 06 40 PM

I rehearsed many many times before all of my presentations, just because I read that Jobs rehearsed his keynotes many many times, word by word, until he could present like he did. So did I. And they paid off.

Many more stories about Jobs’ influence on me, in my life. I could go on, but I am keeping them to myself. Now that Jobs can only be seen in videos, articles, books. It is sad. I could not think of any other man who have such persona. Maybe if I had followed stories about Henry Ford or Walt Disney, I could. But I did not. To me, personally, it was kind of disappointing to know that your role model is not there anymore. You could not hear any more great news from him. You could only recall him from written matters. That’s disappointing. It just is.

Written using MarsEdit 3.3.4 on my Macbook Black running OSX Lion 10.7.1




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