What passion is really about. For me. From my perspective.

Let me elaborate with a story of mine that happened just recently. It all started with a phone call, on 3rd Dec, in the morning when I just woke up.
“Am I speaking with Aloysius Adrian?”
“Yes, mam”
“Can you please come to an interview session on 9th Dec?”
“Of course, mam”

So the caller was actually asking me to come to Sentra Mulia building 16th floor. Yes. I was invited to an interview by Schlumberger (SLB). At first, it was pretty much exciting news for me. I first encountered SLB at its campus recruitment back in November. At that time, there were 3 sessions held with the last session was the FGD. After FGD, I never got any info of how I was doing, did I pass or didn’t I? There were 13 guys who were invited to the interview session after the FGD ended. Not me unfortunately. I was pretty disappointed back then. I thought I could have aced the recruitment stages. Time flies fast until I got that call. It was exciting at first. I dreamt of the fun, the unique lifestyles, and the salary, of course. If you are familiar with most of oil company, in this particular case is SLB, you must have known the salary the offer. It’s pretty huge for a freshly graduated man like me. Then it went until today.

This morning, I woke up pretty early and was feeling optimistic. Went to Jakarta at 9, arrived at 12. The interview itself was scheduled on 1PM. I waited for 2 hours, because apparently, the person in charge was having a conference call from overseas. During that 2 hours, I met a guy, Diman (EL04), and we chat a lot. Mostly about work experiences of his and then some. During that conversation of us, I realize something. It was like I was struck ever so suddenly, I believe it was God, that, yaaa, I realize, really really realize about my passion. In such a short time like that, my optimism and enthusiasm toward working in SLB just vanished. I realize that aside from the good payment, I had to work in a really really heavy environment with really really stresful works which are far from IT. It’s not that I’m not that good. It’s just not right for me.
Oil. Is. Not. For. Me.

And the following was quite anticipated. My passion really. I am passionate about technology, in term of IT. Most of the time, I find myself to be working late at night, just doing stuffs I really enjoy. I get to browse recent articles about Wikileaks, I get to explore decent code from Snipplr, I get to watch the latest TV serials, and those are things that keep me alive, which I would not have had that kind of stuffs if I was into SLB.

The interview went without saying. Going from Sentra Mulia, I felt really light. I even went to the next interview (yeah, 2 interviews today) ON FOOT! Sentra Mulia (Rasuna Said) to a big building around Satrio. It was that light šŸ™‚ and the second interview was more fun actually.

So, the point is, what is your passion really? Before this experience, I only consider passion is just like a motor. What keeps me going. What keeps me doing what I like. But actually, after today, I realize that passion for me is also a damn TRIGGER. Unless I had this passion, I would have signed a contract to a postal company, or for the worst, dance company for a good amount of money. Selling my soul to a devil. But, it turned out, the trigger prevented me to do those. The passion reminded me to not sell myself only for money and doing what I really love about. So, lucky for you who already have what you are good at and love what you are doing now and congratulations for you who are also passionate with what you are doing right now. I am still looking for that activity (not limited to ‘job’) and I hope you guys also support and pray for my success.

Oh, on side notes, let me hear what are your definitions about passion really is, or maybe we could just talk about this via whatever means.. Aaannndd, I am going to take a TOEFL test this Saturday, and that is also why I write this blogpost in full English, trying to be able to write right (try spell that : write right).
Hope me best!


5 thoughts on “What passion is really about. For me. From my perspective.

  1. nikolausindra says:

    Semoga sukses kak, udah kayak marshal di HIMYM. Antara gaji gede sama kerjaan yang diinginkan. Turuti kemauan hati aja. GBU.

  2. tootortoise says:

    exactly! that’s what i feel : its not me. not for me.
    and i really not comfortable, don’t care what they think, just want to pass the interview asap :))

    from what i feel, passion is when you wake up, you know that you want to do that even if you don’t get paid :p
    you’re willing to take any risk and grateful for any consequences
    and there’s no other such thing can get you’re interest more than that

    and yeah i feel so lucky that i’ve got a chance to have those feeling!

    more or less its like ‘soulmate’, isn’t it?

    so.. i think everyone should to take a chance to find their passion and discover their own definition šŸ™‚

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