I like February just the way it is!

Yep, you got me. It’s not really big things to mention, but I couldn’t resist to write about those in my blog. This february of the year is only 28 in days. But so many winderful things happened. In case you readers are wondering why, I am getting to the reasons just in a few words.

First of all, I won a competition. At first, the intention of submitting our software to the competition was just for us to have deadline. We are working on a project, a self motivated project, and we felt we need deadline just to encourage our work. Luckily, near the end of the deadline, we pushed ourselves hard enough to make things happened.
Second. I’m into new field. Photography. I enroll in a photography class, and I bought my camera, and I enjoy it! At least so far. Thanks to my friend David Samuel for his lessons on basic use of camera. I find photography to be fun, not really as fun as I’m into magic, but fun. I will post some writings on these later on.
Third….. Girls. Haha, yes, February is famous for lovey lovely month. But, it’s not that I am into a girl or girls at the moment, nor do I plan to be in near future, but… but.. I don’t know, I just happen to meet some girls that I had been looking forward to seeing to. I do hope that I can meet them again hohoho, well, who doesn’t..?

**Tadinya sih pengen nulis sesuatu yang lebih informatif..


3 thoughts on “I like February just the way it is!

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