21st Birthday

Whew! What a day! It was a very exhausting day. I dun really know why, but on top of all, today is my 21st birthday! *drumroll*

The day started with every family member greet me 🙂 – we are a great family afterall – then me in basketball match vs IF05. It was rather unfortunate that we didn’t win, we admitted that they played better, so we learned to do better next time..

Next thing was choosing and filling Study Plan Form (FRS), after a long long thought… i decided to sign up for ENTREPRENEURSHIP and ENVIRONMENT HEALTH, hopefully those would not make any hard time in the future 🙂

Well, guys, not much to be told here in this post, but, I praised every prayers you have granted, I thank y’all for your kindness, let there be peace and joy in you guys!

Last, let’s have fun (to be announced soon)…!


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